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Since January 2020, this has been a repository of insights, photos, culinary, travel, and now news and analysis. From blogs on interesting local dishes to an examination of current events, I aim to deliver interesting, engaging, and thought-provoking content. I do this even more frequently on social media.

Now, normally I'm not the blogging type. This doesn't seem my type, and my friends would almost definitely agree with me, but anything is worth trying. When I started this, I was living in Georgia. No, not that Georgia, the other one. As many of my friends commented so affectionately, the "Russian" one. Though that's pretty far from any truth. More on that later. 


Almost 2 years later, and after working as a contributing writer for several publications, MikeReports was born. 

My own desire for information, reality, and that elusive banshee "Truth," led me to launch my own grassroots brand. A mixture of journalism, analysis, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and just blog-style musings, MikeReports aims to be a source for coffee-table conversation, deep socio-political discussion, and regional/global security affairs. As I grow this, I hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing where this goes. 

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