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About MikeReports

MikeReports grew out of an idea of having an independent, social media based, news and open-source intelligence page. It has been and continues to be inspired by other pages that now serve as partners and friends of the MikeReports (MR for short) brand. Although the brand will continue to grow, we always adhere to our values of honesty, integrity, and truthfulness in reporting. 

By building a network of friends, writers, journalists, and contacts, MikeReports aims to bring fresh insights, information, and intelligence to its community of followers and fans. 

Meet the Team



Mike is the founder of MikeReports and manages much of the administration, social media, and IT functions of the team, as well as setting the strategy and flow of the brand. He also provides some of the content in articles, videos, and photos. While working in Tbilisi, Georgia, he is routinely in the mountains hiking or at home grilling meats, fresh fish, and veggies. 

Mike has served in the United States Army in multiple roles, worked in the financial and insurance sector in the US, is a professionally trained (though still quite a bit to learn) chef, and a seasoned journalist based in Georgia. While primarily leading MikeReports, he has also written for other US, European, and Georgian news outlets. 



Tim is a journalist who has written for The Spectator, UnHerd, the United Nations, The Sun, Emerging Europe, and New Europe. Before his media career, he served in the British Army and held a teaching post at Tbilisi State University. His interests are limited to boxing, languages, and history; attempts to branch out from these have proven unsuccessful.  

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