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Joining Wagner PMC

The famous (or infamous) paramilitary group known as Wagner PMC has become a household term in recent months. Despite marketing itself as a private military corporation (Hence the PMC), it has broken all barriers that other PMCs have respected by engaging in direct combat and assault operations. With tens of thousands of members, it has ben credited with the capture of several villages in the Donbass region, as well as the seizure of Soledar, Russia's largest gain since the taking of Sievierodonetsk.

However, its logistics and recruitment process has stayed in the shadows. Despite recruitment from prisons across Russia, it has also reached out to those seeking an alternative to standard military service. MikeReports engaged one of these online recruiters. Here's what we were told [the following is copied from a recruitment source - notes for clarity have been added in brackets like this;

Hello. Read carefully and see if you pass the selection criteria. If you pass, then contact the personnel department at the numbers indicated. You can write to them on WhatsApp - there is a lot of work, they can’t always pick up the phone.

Contacts for employment:

[phone numbers redacted]

Note: they work from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Moscow time, if you can’t get through, please call the numbers later, or write to WhatsApp (do not hammer with messages - they sort it from old messages to new ones - just increase the response time). May not respond or be disabled, because. the volume of calls is very high. Really call.

Conditions (details below)

• short-term contract (minimum term - 6 months)

• salary from 240 thousand rubles. (in fact, higher, because there are premium, combat, etc.)

• insurance payments

• the absence of army jerks and bureaucracy

• lack of military service is not affected.

Compensation for the cost of the ticket to the meeting point. Place of collection and preparation - Molkino, Krasnodar Territory.

List of documents

1) Passport of any country, except for the Euro Union and NATO!

2) Certificates from narcotics and psychopaths (to take in the clinic or dispensaries that they were not registered, without a commission), if there is no opportunity / time to take, then an interview on the spot without certificates.

3) Military ID of the Russian Federation or an extract or military ID of the LDNR. If not, a stamp in your passport stating that you are registered. In general, take what you have, we'll figure it out on the spot.

4) Medical policy of the Russian Federation original (CHI) (optional)

5) One photo in civilian clothes 9x12 (color)

Restrictions and requirements

A) Age: from 22 to 50 years old with exceptions for specialists in the field of artillery.

B) Citizenship of the Russian Federation and the CIS (except Ukraine). Without close relatives with citizenship of NATO countries. If you are a citizen of the CIS (except Belarus), then you need to register at the place of stay and have your passport translated into Russian, certified by a notary.

C) the criminal record must be extinguished (there should be no restrictions on movement within the Russian Federation so that you can arrive at the collection point, if you have a suspended sentence, then negotiate with the supervisory authority that you be released to the SVO through Wagner, you need a route sheet to Molkino, Krasnodar Territory). You should not have a criminal record related to the distribution of drugs, rape, extremism (real, not unsuccessful repost in social networks)

D) State of health: You must not have any diseases:

- Diabetes mellitus (1 and 2 types)

-Oncological diseases


- Tuberculosis


- Hepatitis B, C (If you have been treated, then have a quantitative and qualitative PCR test with you - take it only to Citylab, Hemotest, Invitro. Validity period is 14 days. Also, the conclusion of an infectious disease specialist that he is not sick and not dangerous)

-Syphilis (those who have recovered from syphilis should have a blood result for RMP with them + consultation with a dermato-venereologist. Valid for 14 days)

D) Is not an active member of law enforcement agencies

It is possible with debts and travel restrictions. Debts and loans do not matter to our Company.

It is possible without service experience.

If you have not served in the army, but you understand that this job is for you, then the Company's instructors are ready to give you more than many comprehend in the army for the entire service. Also, throughout the work you will be trained by people with experience.

The company welcomes ready-made specialists, but also to train from scratch, if you are strong and purposeful, we are ready without any problems. You will have the opportunity to express yourself.

Groups are formed in accordance with the level of training of fighters to solve different problems.

Is there a problem with the list above? Great, the probability that you will be hired is 99%, but no one makes decisions remotely.

Upon arrival at the base you will find:

Analysis (express) of blood for HIV, antibodies of Hepatitis B and C

Urinalysis for drugs


In case of detection (and they will be identified, if any) problems with drugs or alcohol (addiction) - 100% will be refused

Preparation, receipt of shoes, clothes, unloading, sleeping bag, bag, hat, gloves, warm clothes, etc.

What is given out of things [items issued reportedly by Wagner PMC, a major selling point due to report that the Russian Army has had supply issues]?

Seasonal boots, fleece jacket, fleece thermal underwear, moisture-wicking thermal underwear, backpack 70 liters, sleeping bag, mat, seat cover, 2 sets of field uniform, flask, bulletproof vest 6B45 (in this direction, maximum anti-shatter protection is better than a beautiful “platener”), helmet 6B47, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, anti-fragmentation goggles, unloading of the MTR in the specialty (shooter, machine gunner, sniper), medical support.

If you have your own equipment - take any, your own is always better!

What to take with you:

1) Delete all social networks, delete messengers, only a push-button phone with you!

2) Pharmacy if possible

3) Everything you need for the shower

4) Equipment, if any

5) Save tickets (compensate)

6) License B/C and above if you want to be a driver.

7) A copy of the passport of the trustee, if you need to get the RFP for you. How to get brought to the base, relatives will not be left without a salary, if necessary! You can arrange for a trusted person to receive a salary already during your service.

Information about us:

The company maintains a wide range of military specialists and those wishing to become them. Not surprisingly, in addition to the main tasks around the world, another most important direction has appeared - a military special operation, which takes place not without the participation of "musicians". The security of the country comes first.

Today, in addition to assault units, the Company has aviation, air defense, communications, electronic intelligence, electronic warfare, UAVs, reconnaissance, engineering and sapper units, artillery, units on tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers.

[They included a FAQ section]

What does the Company offer?

A motivated, adult team with experienced fighters with extensive combat experience. The absence of an army madhouse, bureaucracy and other things. Constant real combat training, the opportunity to receive new specialties. Opportunity to work all over the world.

The monthly salary for the positions of a fighter is 240,000 [ 3,242.40 USD at the time of posting] thousand rubles a month and more in senior positions (there are no titles, so yesterday's fighter can become a commander if he has proven himself). Bonuses for successful completion of tasks, which can reach up to 3 salaries. You can receive all payments upon arrival after a business trip, or your authorized representative on a monthly basis. Paid vacation, full clothing, as well as free meals and accommodation during the employment stage and after.

Guaranteed compensation in case of injury (compensation for treatment, all future expenses are borne by the Company - if full recovery is not possible), the provision of highly paid work if a fighter cannot be on a business trip for health reasons or constant good material support in case of disability, such an employee is not will be left to the mercy of fate and will not be left without help and means to support the family. Compensation to the family in the event of the death of an employee is 5 million [RUB], all expenses for the delivery of the deceased to the place of burial and funeral are covered by the Company. The children of the deceased employees are assisted in entering the Suvorov schools, cadet corps and universities.

The Company has internal departmental awards, which are awarded to employees who have made a great contribution and have come a long way in the ranks of PMC Wagner. These orders and medals are the hallmark of PMC Wagner and are no less prestigious than state awards.

By joining the Wagner PMC, you become a part of the military brotherhood and the face of the Company!

Is it legal at all?

Absolutely legal. The company does not violate any laws of the Russian Federation, has nothing to do with mercenarism, which journalists love to write about, who, to put it mildly, are not interested in the successes of our Motherland.

Military work in the interests of the Russian Federation is not mercenarism. Moreover, if you have already participated in the SVO, but you are not satisfied with the attitude or incompetence of the commanders, you terminated the contract or you were considered a deserter, but you are ready to work and want to bring real benefits, get a job in the Company.

Do they pay for the road [travel expenses]?

Yes, with the first salary you will be reimbursed for travel expenses. Save your tickets. Travel to and from the holiday destination is also paid.

I have a family, a mortgage or other obligations, where is the guarantee that they will not be left without money while I work? How are payments made?

Salaries, bonuses and vacation pay can be received at the place of deployment upon arrival from a business trip personally or by a trusted person; it is also possible to receive payments in large cities throughout Russia. When applying for a job, take a copy or details of the passport of a trusted person.

There was not a single case of non-payment of money. This is very important for the Company in terms of image. Understand that if at least one fighter somewhere loses something, the Company loses the status of a reliable employer, the trust of candidates and current employees.

They call me to another Company and offer good conditions.

Be careful! In connection with the start of the operation, many fly-by-night companies have appeared that offer “delicious” conditions, but if you understand the mechanism of these fly-by-night companies, it becomes clear that for the most part these conditions will not be met. Why? An office appears that recruits people to participate in the SVO, after recruiting the required number of people, the office closes, the compositors receive money for their services, people are delivered to positions, they are placed at the disposal of commanders in the field. At the end of the tasks or upon the occurrence of an insured event (injury / death) - it is not clear where to turn for money or help, since those who recruited are no longer there.

The situation with the military registration and enlistment offices is also not an easy one, it is not a fact that all the conditions that the military registration and enlistment office announces when recruiting for a short-term contract will be met. Just think about how many random people need to be given the same preferences and benefits as a regular soldier who served in the army for 5, 10, 20 years. In addition, when concluding a short-term contract, you do not have information about where you will be sent, in what conditions, what will be the provision, equipment, attitude towards you, what tasks you will perform.

What guarantees does the Company provide?

The company has been in existence for 8 years. The system of support / payments and interaction has been debugged for years, you always know where to turn on a particular issue. Relatives have contacts for communication with the Company, you personally or your representative can always come and resolve any issue that has arisen, if necessary. No one will be left without payments and support.

What are the vacancies in the Company?

Almost all specialties are in demand, you can always learn a new one.

Vacancies are open: shooters, machine gunners, grenade launchers, snipers, doctors and paramedics, repairmen, drivers, ATGM operators, ATGM operators, mortars, gunners, tankers, crews of infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, UAV operators and technicians, signalmen, specialists in electronic warfare, electronic intelligence, artillery spotters, aircraft controllers, MANPADS operators, Pantsir-S crews, S-300 crews, pilots of combat aircraft, helicopters and others, we will find a job for everyone.

Is there training in the Company before a business trip?

Yes, the initial training lasts 2 weeks, then the degree of readiness of the employee is determined, if he is not ready, then additional time is allocated for his preparation.

Throughout the course you will be engaged in tactical, fire, engineering, sniper training, tactical medicine, communications training. Study military topography, small arms, mortars, heavy machine guns, grenade launchers (including automatic ones).

In the process of work, you will learn and improve in the specialties in the departments:

Air Defense, Engineer, Communications, Electronic Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, Artillery, On armored vehicles (tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers), Intelligence, UAVs, Subversive and anti-sabotage, Assault.

Where can I go to get a job?

Note: work from 10 to 18 Moscow time,

We note that the Company recruits employees aged 22 to 50 with rare exceptions.

We note that it is impossible to get a job with the Company with a conviction for drug distribution, extremism (real, not a VK repost) and articles related to sexual integrity. If you can’t get through, please call the numbers later or write to WhatsApp.

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