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Moving on up

Ok, I think I got this, except...

Well as with so much in life, there's the good, and there's always the bad. I hate being that way (the other shoe always drops), but it always seems like life deals them proportionally. Two steps forward always comes with the default one step back. And the settings are rarely changed.

So I have a simple rule when people ask me, "do you want the good news, or the bad?" I always want the bad first. End on a good note, right?

So with the current public health issues, it makes things a little interesting. It's been pretty good here, and I take that for granted. But I want to ask my (small number of) readers to be careful. Be clean and be smart.

Now the good.

So, when we last talked (posted) we had been working on the job market. I had received an opportunity to work in another city. Not just that but a beautiful city, an amazing place. On the seaside, with tourists and locals coexisting, a beach existence with a job that offered a high level of professional and personal living. Working with exorbitantly luxurious hotel projects and their benefactors.

I turned my back on that though.

This individual, along with a few other reasons, made me stay where I was. So naturally, that causes some resentment.

Now, this isn't all bad, I got the perks of higher pay, benefits, etc., but at what cost? That's the interesting facet of this. The trade-off wasn't easy.

Doesn't matter. Or as one of my favorite motivational YouTubers likes to say, "No Factor." The issue is simply not a factor in any of my upcoming decisions.

Moving forward, a phrase I coined from my business-oriented father, I have to look at what I want from this position, and how I develop. Perhaps a strict and cold-hearted approach is needed. Remove myself from the issues, and stop including emotion in the bet. You tell me, folks.

The spot I have now was sold to me by my superiors in a much more modest light. Some of the terminology they used made it seem like a noble, but still modest position. I thought I might be able to work in a great, but reserved capacity.

It's not.

Now I'm responsible for more people than I ever have, and spend more time gazing at spreadsheets and numbers than I think my retinas are comfortable with. The word "meetings" now sends a shiver in my soul. A veritable mini-CEO.

The compensation is another thing. Sometimes I feel dirty about accepting the job because of the disparity between this and the other offers. Money isn't everything, but I'd rather cry in a mansion than in a cardboard box. Hey, doesn't a guy have to live??

"Dum vivimus vivamus". May we live while we live.

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