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The First One

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Here it is.

If you had asked me even just a year ago if I would start a blog, or anything similar, I would have probably laughed. The idea seemed so remote to me. Something only guys in New York City that take 20 minutes to order a coffee or moms with way to much time and money did while posting pictures of their trips to overpriced beach hotels did. I was wrong.

It seems like more people than I thought actually keep a blog, or at the very least some form of writing journal or diary. As I have matured, and arguably softened out from my hardened veteran tough-guy persona, I've started to see this as more of an outlet, if anything, for my self. If anyone wants to tag along, all the better.

I suppose the real catalyst for this digital creation would be my mother. Like any mother, she's always been supportive, but ever critical. I suppose that's why drill sergeants never shook as much as it did other young soldiers; I had one growing up! But one early morning while sitting on my couch bathing in the glow of YouTube videos and my own sorrow in the dark apartment living room, she planted the seed and I eventually came around to water it.

The purpose of this is not easily described. If anything, it's just an outlet for my own well-being. If it helps someone else, all the better. I've always loved helping people. But the content and future is even more murky. I'll talk about some of the popular things like travel, food, culture, and all those Instagram buzzwords that the internet can't get enough of. But there will also be times where I deviate to things that are more personal, or even esoteric in nature, so be prepared.

So this one will be a short one, but it will be something interesting for sure. Come along for the ride. I can't promise you'll love it, but I can promise it will be interesting.


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