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Viral Living in Tbilisi

So glad it's (almost) over...

So, as I'm sure most are aware, the daily schedule has been different for the past couple of months. Or at least, for most of us that scuttle out from the house from time to time. And as a result of this, my content has been wanting.

Something about being inside all day chokes one's creative spirit. Gasping for air, that spirit has had little in the way of new life.

So for that I humbly apologize.

Moving on, as we emerge from out glass and steel hovels to spring and a rapidly approaching summer I find it a very fitting environment. We went underground with bare trees against a cold sky that seemed to glare down with a furrowed grey brow. Now, as we emerge more and more amidst green flora and a sky smiling blue, it really is like a rebirth.

Restaurants and favorite watering holes are rising out of their apocalyptic emptiness to the smells of grilling meat and rumbles of pleasantly inebriated men solving the latest socio-political issues.

New friends, a new PT routine, and a new thirst for adventure are groggily rising out of the ashes as well. Excitement is on the horizon.

As my requirements for continuing this (my visa as it were) now push me outside the frontiers of the Land of the Kartli. The easy solutions to this are the nearby hubs of Yerevan and Baku. But more ambitious parts of me clamor for further destinations.

As I love planning, this will surely fill any downtime I have, and the routines of further exploring the revived streets and alcoves of Tbilisi now abound.

Although there still stands some parameters lingering like the smell of burnt toast, the freshness of new adventures should smother any of it. Besides, more restaurants have outdoor seating now, so silver linings right?

In the short term, the hunt is on for new micro-adventures, possible new places to graze, and a new personal interest (more on that another time). I have yet to check on the status of my favorite temples to the sacred art of sushi, but a local place has my heart. With that, there most assuredly be another installment of Georgian Eats in our near future, complete with a overfed me and a lot of culinary-based adjectives.

Aside from the ever-present face masks, and the new signage, things are becoming what they were before.

So here's to new adventures! See you out there in the field...


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